Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life, BRING IT!! :P

September 11, 2009

At last! I have finally made it to take DLSU’s Entrance Exam. xD I have been wanting to attend this school like...since birth. LOL Well, not really, but yep, it is… dream school as anyone could say. :D So, I took the test yesterday and…it was fun!! :D Everything went quite well. I may have not remembered every lesson from high school, but I am still – well, sort of – positive, that I will pass. Yay for being optimistic! xD I have learned that if I will not believe in MYSELF, and just think about anything negative instead, there is a possibility that I may do become the loser I am imposing to myself. So…yeah!! No-No is a no!! Go me!! I will not fail!! You’ll see!! :P Haha!

Well, let me add some more about trusting yourselves.

Many have said this, and you have probably heard this quote a million of times, but let me use it once again for this entry. There is this Filipino saying: “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa” (In God is mercy, in man is work), and I agree with it. As we cannot achieve any if we’ll not do something in order to have it. We dream, that is normal, I know. But dreaming is just the first and what we can consider a baby step in getting to our happily ever afters. Once you started dreaming, you should not stop there. You have to make a move and reach out for it.

Personally, I admit I am more of a dreamer than a person who strives. Curse procrastination that is so seductive and consistently pulls me away from my striving veins. Hehe.
But anyway, I am no loser, nor a quitter. Since, I believe I have been engaging myself to things that can help me reach these goals I have in future. IT ON!! xD

1. I passed the DLSU Entrance Examination, first choice.
2. I failed to send in a record in time, so. BLAAARGH! You can guess that my world crashed. D:
3. I instead went to DLSU - Dasmarinas.
4. I just went there for one year/two semesters because I have to leave the country.
5. Obviously, I have been away from this blog that I wasn't able to post in updates and stuff from time to time. xD

Live Life to the Fullest

Life is Extremely Brief :: September 25, 2009

Depressing it is, for me to see death and tragedy related situations almost everywhere I look, though as days gone by and I learn more tragedies happened I became more enlightened than saddened.

About three weeks ago or more than that, my friend’s younger brother died. He wasn’t close to me, though since I am to his sister, I wept with her, feel for her even rather. He is of my age, and as I have attended his Nechrological Service and attend to their house days before that, I believe I have learned a lot. From different stories about him, and from bits of events that have happened during his burol.

At his burial’s mass, our priest stated in his sermon, “Many will say that when someone dies because of age or old, it is their time. But considering his, which is eighteen, elders will say he’s an angel. He has just been lent to you and now he is being taken back. But personally, if you will ask me, dying at that age, I will say it’s a loss!” and I agree with him. ‘Cause in any angle we’ll try to look at it, we’ll get nothing else but losing. His death indeed is a loss. In future, which we can now really never tell, he can be known to the field he is mastering, in which he already have a step in getting there as I have heard from lots. And as I think of his achievements while he was still with us, you’ll feel great for him. Personally, with that, I felt more fortunate that I am alive up to this very moment. Even thankful that I am still breathing, since I haven’t proved anything YET, I think.

As I have said on my last blog entry, I am currently reading the book Purpose Driven Life. And with such coincidence – though I do believe that everything happens for a reason – after his burial, I have reached the chapter that talked about death and eternity. And I quote:

“To make the best use of your life, you must never forget two truths: First, compared with eternity, life is extremely brief. Second, earth is only a temporary residence.”

I am aware with these two obvious facts, for as a Catholic, I know. And it is actually one of the thousand reasons on why my faith is firm and still getting stronger. As I believe that everything I have – even myself – were all just lent to me, I tend to live it to the fullest. So, if we’ll read that quote above again, I am somewhat on the right track. But with the words “best use”, personally, I am not sure if I have already did, well, I actually can never tell. I have somewhat done something for others, I believe, but if that was enough, I am not sure. Anyway, I am sure that I am living life to the fullest though, so, it still counts. :D

If you are the kind of person who tends to just go with the flow, I suggest you try living more. Do something that could help you live your own happily ever after, make your own fairy tale come to life, to the point that you’ll not forget that you will never be alone. Though in order to do that, you have to be sure what you really wanted to achieve in life. To cut the story short, as I say happiness to be paid attention in considering your own happily ever after, I mean NOT material things. Live today as if tomorrow will be your last day on earth. Tell your love ones that you love them. Make yourself useful to other people, in a way that they will learn from you and you will learn from them as well. 

In everything you do, anywhere you go, whatever situation or problems you have, and whatever choices you may take, remember that “God is always with you, and He will never turn his back from you.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Knowing My Life Purpose

Knowing My Life Purpose :: September 9, 2009

As of the moment, I am reading the awesome celebrated book of Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life. I have not been that keen into reading it the first day I have seen it on my grandfather’s book shelf – could also be because I didn’t started at the very very first page when I tried reading it. And later, to my surprise, about a month after I have seen it, it became the talk of the town. That’s the time where I have told myself that I have to read that book no matter what! I asked friends to lend me one if they happen to have it, but unfortunately, none of them have one – and none of them seemed to have the interest to read it at that point of time. :D

I was in my last year in high school that time, and to tell you, I am now – supposedly – in my third year in college. So, yes, I totally forgot that I have seen that book I am craving for on my grandfather’s very own shelf. Go, say I am stupid, I permit you. lol

For three years, I sought for something that is obviously I already have, though you can’t blame me, because my grandfather – for some reason – has a LOT of books. I even wonder before how he sleeps with all his books compressed in his room. Well, his room isn’t big, and because his shelves were already full of books and paper works he has no other choice but to have his other books lie on his very own bed.

Well, moving on. I am back at my nainai’s house, after five long months. *sigh* (I am in here for about more than a month to be exact already, actually.) I saw the book sitting on the table in my – used to be – room. Sort of a dream that came true!! xD No, not really, but yes, I have felt joy when I saw it, and even thought to myself, “Yay! At last! I found a copy!” That’s when I – finally – remembered our first meeting three years ago, that long until I remember. ;D Guess, I am already that old to forget. LOL I am totally kidding! Teenagers with eighteen years of age, like me, are still young. :P (Sige, pililtin ko pa daw na bata pa ‘ko? xD)

Moving on, maybe it was also destined for me to see, or for me to have finally find interest to read it and at the same time found it at this point of my life. Life for me never became that easy. I have gone through different kinds of hurt – both physically and emotionally. But last year’s last quarter up to the current month was – I think – the heaviest part of my life, so far – more family problems, plus my off track education, equals a total disaster!! But with this book, I know, everything will be less miserable for me. ^_^

Well, not just for me, but also for you, actually. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In the Groove (INAP Animators)

The Animation Team of Ina ng Awa Parish was formed by accident. That was in May of 2006, the parish needed to have representatives to join the Vicariate's in order to have enough members in worshipping God, returning and giving essence and importance to His gifts, enlightening and encouraging fellow youths and waking those who'll get bored after talks..(hehe_..but that's for real!

The very reason why we have this team during programs and whatsoever, is to show these new participants that when it comes to Church activities and Church's Youth Gatherings it's not just for prayers, prayers and prayers - though it is really a part of it. We're still in our juvenile years, would you think we'll just let that pass? Of course not! We're youth, we're youth, and we're still youth! You should keep that in mind. And because WE ARE still one, we know what your wants and needs are, and we're assuring you to have both id ever you'll be participating any of our activities or if ever you'll be joining any organization under the Youth Ministry - which is definitely way better.

We're not always serious. Oh! Is that right? I think saying that "We are NOT OFTEN serious" will perfectly derscribe us better(hahaha!). But we're really serious in what we're doing. That made you go crazy, isn't it? hahaha!

Well I wish this'll make you understand.

Let me say this:




Just a re posted semi-blog intro of my beloved animators from INAP. Haha!! :P Anyway, this was just a trial blog..Well..sort of. xD